Galilee Beach


Yesterday, I was up way earlier than usual.  Can you say 3 a.m.?  My love decided to go into work really early and I like to get up with him, make his coffee,  prepare his lunch and send him off to work a happy man.  Shortly after he left I got on the computer.  Reading e-mails and catching up with my fellow bloggers.  Made a couple of posts myself, when I decided it was time to take a nap.  HOWEVER,  as I was laying my head down, my phone rang.  My girl friend Suzie invited me to the beach.

Before I knew it, we were at Galilee Beach Club in Rhode Island.  I really love the beaches there.  So beautiful and convenient.  Every thing you need is in walking distance and cheap parking!! Very few clouds were in the sky and there was just enough breeze to cool you off.  The water was a little chilly at first but once we were in, it was FABULOUS!!

I love last-minute plans… THEY’RE THE BEST!!

2014-07-31 12.33.12


2014-07-31 12.41.58

My dear friend Suzie…  Thanks again for a wonderful day!

Photographs by:  Michelle Molloy @ Galilee Beach, Rhode Island

Dazed & Confused



She’s a mess

Caught in daze

Eyes far off

Covered in haze.

Her fake smile

We see right through

Bless this child

She needs anew.

Give advice

Share your Truth

Guide this child

Help see her through.

written by:  Michelle Molloy 7/31/14

wall photo by:

The Tide



2014-07-31 11.32.45

Misquamicuit Beach, Rhode Island

The sound of the waves

As the tide rolls in

Comforts my soul

Can’t help but grin.

Kick back and relax

Take it all in

Another day at the beach

Makes me grin.

Playing in the sand

Pale and shovel in hand

Digging a hole

Till the tide rolls in.

Riding the waves

Boogie board in tow

Family Fun

Til someone falls in.

written by:   Michelle Molloy 7/30/14

Photograph by:   Michelle Molloy @  Misquamicuit Beach, Rhode Island

Old Journal Entries


I was going through old journals, notebooks and folders last night and I came across these two.  I would like to share.  The first page, I had a copy of this hanging on my refrigerator for years. It’s only been seven years since I started on my Journey to Enlightenment but apparently from the date, I was heading in this direction long ago!


This next poem, I wrote for my son when he was Fourteen years old.


My son, now Twenty-Four, is the Light of my Life!

Family 2010-2013 101

Mother & Son

Have a Groovy day my friends and remember to be kind to one another… Peace out

Healing the Inner Child


Every now and then I like to pick up a book that I have already read. Usually one where I have high lighted important passages in it. Either I can identify with it, it’s something new that I have learned, or knowledge that I would like to implement in to my own life.

I’d like to share these passages, from “THE INNER DANCE” by DIANE MARIECHILD.


There is a little child who lives within our hearts. I see this child as one of the faces of the dancer. The child is the embodiment of love, creativity, curiosity and joy. The healthy child, the whole child, infuses our energy so that we meet life with a lighthearted playfulness. Each situation is new. There are no preconceptions. The child is a bold explorer. When she is free, we are unafraid to take risks. We delight in exploring our bodies, discovering and testing our strengths and limitations, and we bring our delightful sense of inquiry to the environment around us.


By the time we reach adulthood, many of us are harboring an inner child who is hurt and afraid. We cannot grow into our maturity, our wholeness, until the inner child is healed. Too often, she is screaming for love and attention. Her unmet needs translate into behavior that is limiting or destructive. Her natural love and gaiety are repressed. When we were very young, we were helpless and dependent and, for many of us our childhood experiences were sometimes overwhelming. As adults we may react to situations in some way similar to our childhood situations as if they are life threatening. Had we been abandoned as babies, we would have died. If we are abandoned as adults, we can survive physically but, emotionally, we may feel as though we will die.


There are times when we may be unable to see the whole picture or to understand why a particular behavior is occurring. Our own pain or misunderstandings may be expressed through negative judgements, criticism or blame. The habit of blaming must be transformed for healing to occur. Not blaming, however, does not mean that we are incapable of recognizing what is appropriate and inappropriate behavior. When our energy is not twisted into blame, we are able to think, speak and act clearly.


wall photos by:

The Book – “The Inner Dance” – Author – Diane Mariechild

My Guiding Light



You’ve shown me beauty

You’ve shown me grace

What would I do

With out your smiling face?

You brighten my days

Like a clear blue sky

Not even a cloud

Could ruin this blaze!

You helped save me

You took my hand

Brought me out of the darkness

And in to the Light.

You’re the love of my life

My best friend

You won my heart

 My Guiding Light.

written by:  Michelle Molloy 7/28/14

wall photo by:  http://www.ZEDGE .com