I’m French & I’m Hairy



I usually use Sally Hansen’s facial hair removal, to take care of my upper lip.  That’s right, I’m French and I’m hairy! Yesterday, I go to take care of my mustache and realize I’m out of cream. Lord knows I am not a very patient person. Every time I went in to the bathroom, which is quite often, do to my Fibro, I could see the shadow above my lip. What do I do? Take out my mans electric razor and buzz it! I KNOW THIS IS WRONG! I used to be a cosmetologist and know this is a HUGE NO, NO! As I’m doing it, I feel a burn, then a pinch. Sure enough it took a piece of my skin off!! ONLY ME!! Now I look like I have a blister on my upper lip! The things we women do, to look and feel good about ourselves. When does it ever end?














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