Aches and Pains My body is hurting all over today.  Pain level about a seven. Didn't sleep well at all last night.  Finally went down, once my man went to work, around 5:30 am. Back up at 8:00 am but didn't want to move. Having a BAD flare up. Drinking on Saturday didn't help.  Not to mention all the bacon I ate yesterday! I tell myself, ever thing in moderation. However, it seems the older I get and the further my chronic illness progresses, it's more likely those indulgences, will  NO longer be.  I know I need to take, better care of myself.  Quit smoking, for one thing! Of course, yesterday, I was up at 8:15 am. Can't even sleep in on a Sunday.  Was hung over to boot! Gawd forbid I leave any mess from the night before or fall out of my daily routine. That's where my OCD kicks in.  All I wanted, was to stay in bed and snuggle with my man. There was no need for me to get up that early. Sometimes no matter how exhausted and sore my body is,  laying down can be worse. Then again, if I'm in pain and my feet feel like I'm walking on broken bones,  you can't help but sit and elevate your feet.  I'm constantly up, down, sitting, standing,  stretching or doing yoga poses.  You would think I'd be skinny! Instead, I'm a HOT mess! 😀 I'm always excited about the Oscars! I wanted to get all my chores done early and just chill. I did laundry,  cleaned the house,  had a nice visit from my son.  Made French toast, eggs and lots of bacon, with a side of melon, (I subconsciously think, a little fruit, will make up for all that bacon) around noon time and then kicked back for a little while.  Before the Oscars started, I made open hot roast beef sandwiches with potatoes, veggie and gravy. We pigged out, ALL day. Baked up some sugar cookies too. I did skip the hot chocolate and had hot green tea instead (my subconscious again). I managed to push through the day... Then I could just BE.  Aj did the grocery shopping for me. Gave him a short list and I was so thankful. It gave me a chance, to take an Epson salt and lavender tubby. My body needed it. By the time the Oscars were over, I was wide awake.  Made the mistake, of getting on the computer and before I knew it, Aj's alarm was going off. When I went to stand, the pain in my legs, made my eyes water. I knew this day was going to be worse than yesterday. As  far as the pain goes. Drinking lots of water and making healthy food choices today. Taking it as easy as possible but still maintaining mobility, so I don't stiffen up.  I think I'll light some incense,  enjoy a little puff puff,  put some spiritual music on and do some meditation.  Hoping for a pain-free day tomorrow.  A GIRL CAN WISH... CAN'T SHE?!

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