The Kids Today

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From what I’ve seen, in recent events, I thought I would share this journal entry. Some of you may have already read this, on my FB page, back in 2011.  I thought I would share it again…. The Kids Today


I don’t understand kids these days… My son was so easy. Came home from school and first thing he would do his homework, then CHORES & then it was play time. From the age of eight, he made his lunch every day for school.  I was working the night shift. He knew how to clean and do laundry, all at a YOUNG AGE! Once he learned them & knew what was expected of him,  I never had to tell him or remind him again. That’s how I was raised or ELSE!! I don’t believe in hitting your child, I hated growing up that way so I raised my son differently. My son never had spankings or bad punishments, because  he never really did anything BAD!! He was a really good kid growing up. And he’s still great!! You will never hear anyone say anything bad about Ricky. He was always adored when he was little and still is! These kids today don’t work, don’t want to do chores, it’s all about them and their friends and how much can the parents do for them. Their popping out babies and then they don’t or can’t take care of them… They have no clue how to cook, clean, do laundry…. I mean the basic necessities that we all need to learn, to grow & survive!

I don’t know how my friends do it?? We need to bring back the values from when my generation & the generation before me were growing up!! It’s okay to spoil your child, I did!!  Make sure they know how to take care of themselves, when it’s time to leave the nest, otherwise your just making it harder on yourselves!! And they will always come back, if they’re not prepared for this world!! Make sure they know to respect themselves & their ELDERS. Nothing turns me off more than to hear a teenager or any kid under the age of myself, swearing-in front of me when talking or telling a story!! It’s NOT right!! I didn’t swear in front of my mom, till I was 26 yrs old. Why? I knew better AND OUT OF RESPECT!! Not the kids today, all I hear is fuck, fuck, fuck!! It’s a turn off & to me, it says a lot about that kids parents and how they were raised!!

Make sure they do their chores every day, without being asked. It’s up to us, the parents to guide them in the right direction. If you have a teenager and you still have to remind him to take out the trash or empty the dishwasher, what ever there chore may be, or did you do your homework yet? Then you’re losing the battle already…

I want to thank my son, for making being a parent so easy. I’ve always said,  “It’s the hardest job I’ve ever had because there’s no rule book.”  Every kid is different & every parent has their own way & opinions on how to raise their children. We  really need to take a good look around, as a society and as a community & say, “What the hell is going on?” and “How do we fix this generation & prepare future generation’s to be self-sufficient & survive on their own?!”

This is my own opinion & does not reflect anyone of my friends kids in particular.  So before you jump to conclusions & my phone starts ringing off the hook…. RELAX!

I thank my son Ricky, for being such a wonderful young man, who I adore & love very much!!  I thank him for taking such good care of his Gamma!!



  1. Johnny · March 12, 2014

    Well put mich

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  2. Tootie Phelps · March 26, 2014

    Nicely done Michelle.

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