PET PEEVE- Cereal Boxes



Why is it so difficult to open up a cereal box the proper way? Do you have to rip open the box like a savage? Not to mention, tearing the inner bag open, so it slits down the bag! All this does is let air into the box and spoil your cereal.  Yes, I know they have the resealable bags but not for the kind of cereal I buy and prefer to eat. Cereal is NOT cheap either. It’s basically $4.00 – $5.00 a box. Why not take the time to open the box the right way? There’s a reason the tops of the cereal boxes have a slot to open and close the box properly.

With my hands, do to my arthritis, I can never open the inner bag without ripping it. That is why I get a pair of scissors and cut a straight line across the top of the bag. After I’m done pouring a bowl, I roll the plastic bag down to the cereal level, to take all the air out, then clip it with a clothes pin. This will help keep the cereal fresh, especially if the outer box has been torn open. However, on the other hand, I cannot handle the box NOT closing properly. I get out the scotch tape and repair the cereal box. Crazy, I know! That’s why they call it, OCD – Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.

Your probably thinking to yourself, is this girl for real? Yes, I AM. I eat cereal every day. In our household, we have a couple of boxes of cereal that we share and that’s where the problem lies. I mean, do I have to go ahead and open all the boxes myself, beforehand? This would ensure me that the boxes and bags would be opened properly. The cereal that I don’t eat, I really don’t care about. The cereal I do eat, especially organic, is pricey, so if you don’t want me on your ASS, open the box like an adult NOT a four-year old!

~Michelle Molloy~


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  1. Dr. Rex · January 17, 2015

    On another note … thanks for stopping by “It Is What It Is” and the follow …. I hope you enjoy your visits there!! Peace …


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