Beautiful, I AM I AM






I love light, and love myself.

Such beauty and grace,

brings me home and centers me.

You are a blessing in this space.

Now this is rapture, so beautiful and enchanting.

When I need peace from all the chaos and disorder in this world,

I listen to your beautiful voice.

A voice with pure peace, love and bliss.

Never take yourself to seriously.

Always be able to laugh, at yourself.

“Accentuate your positive and eliminate the negative.” *

Spread joy to the maximum, have faith

and let happiness run in a circular motion.

I’m grateful for beautiful skies and beautiful days.

For the love you show me, every day.

You helped me pull myself out of the darkness,

for this I will be eternally grateful.

I AM blessed in Light and Love.

My empowerment is a wonderful thing.

Take a moment to say thank you,

for all your good fortune and beautiful things.


Written by: Michelle Molloy
December 14, 2011 / Revised April 22, 2014
* QUOTE by: Snatam Kaur


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