Hackers Suck


Oh NO!! I’ve been Hacked AGAIN!!

Good morning my friends. I have not made a post in a while because my computer has been infected, once again!  After working on it for two days, I finally gave up and called our internet carrier.  They were no help whatsoever!  Why I pay them $59 a month is beyond me.

My next step was to call Dell. Unfortunately,  After being on hold for the longest time,  I reach a woman who I could barely understand. I kept asking, “Could you repeat that?” Or “I’m sorry but I don’t understand what you are trying to say.” After twenty minutes of this, I hung up. I literally wanted to throw my computer out the friggen window!  I am not the best with computers and all I wanted was someone to come out and fix the darn thing!

I decided to hit my friends up on FB for advice. Which I got plenty! I’m having a computer tech guy come out to my home. My friend has used him many times and says he’s reliable and reasonably priced.

I find myself so aggravated by this. I pay for anti-virus spyware yet the hackers always seem to find a way in. Hackers have made my life miserable this week. If one is trying to work from home and is constantly hacked, it makes things very difficult.  (I’ve been hacked twice already this year) Do hackers realize the problems and complications they cause us all?

Our government needs to find a way to crack down on these hackers and put their butts in jail. Make stiffer punishments so they will think twice BEFORE hacking another person, company or institution, ever again!

Thanks for letting me rant… I feel better now! Have a Groovy weekend my friends and remember to be kind to one another… Peace out



  1. truckerturningwrite · May 16, 2014

    The government probably “are” the hackers. 🙂
    Hey I know how you feel. I had bother with that once or twice. Virus problems. The computer is never the same afterwards, even after the fix. I agree, those anti virus companies are a waste of money.

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