Does Music Affect Our Animals?

ImageI find that whenever I have my spiritual music playing, my animals seem to enjoy it too!

I meditate and chant mantras in my office daily. In the end when I open my eyes, I can be sure to see both our pets laying by my feet. I usually can hear our dog Ruby walking in, by her dog tags. Our cat Chelsea sneaks up on me. I’m surprised that with the loss of her hearing that she continues to find her way by my feet. Her hearing is very minimal at best. I think she can feel the vibration or hear very little of it. Maybe she is used to my routine and remembers what she would hear and because she can still feel the vibrations, she still wants to be included.


I decided to do some research and apparently music does have an affect on our pets and their moods.

* Loud sudden music can startle any animal and make them nervous. This is because of several factors. First is that the sound over stimulates the ears and then the brain. Most pets are sensitive to hearing and rely on it for protection. Your pet may not need to worry about the lions sneaking up on it, but they would like to know if some one is coming and may step on them. In the jungle, there are numerous sounds, but the unimportant note can be screened out, with loud, blaring music it can become a cacophony of sound and they don’t know what is happening. This can make them nervous and they will startle easily, making the pet to appear to be in an irritable mood. Over time the animal may become used to low music, or its eardrums may just give out! A low, soothing music with a slight drum can often calm an animal down. Why? It is training and conditioning. Most mammal grow up with siblings and nursing from their mother. The steady heartbeat can be both felt and heard, and encourage thoughts of safety. Mother means safety and contentment, so soft steady music will make a pet relax.


Music can have a very interesting affect upon birds. It can often get them excited and some will start bobbing and bouncing, just like a person in the mood to dance! This is because birds are very sensitive to sounds and patterns for mating. Notes arranged in a set pattern trigger nerve responses and suddenly the bird is in the mood for “love”.

So, how can music affect the mood of your pet? Loud and discordant music can make them nervous and irritable, causing dogs to bite and cats to scratch. Low and rhythmic music can calm and animal down and put it to sleep. Certain rhythms, mainly in birds, can trigger “happy, buoyant” moods.


 Take care with your music and what you play around your pets!

 * Jeremiah Soliman


                           I find comfort and solace in listening to spiritual music, so why wouldn’t our pets enjoy it too?                                                                    


Our Dog Ruby & Cat Chelsea Bell

Be good to your pets…. They count on YOU!



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