What Makes A Great Friendship?

I’ve been busy writing this morning. My mind is full of thoughts and jibba jabba.


What makes a great friendship? I have a few things on my list, to fit that criteria.

First of all…  #1 Acceptance, for all that is good and bad, which leads us right in to #2 No Judgement. It takes a long time to learn this one. I still work on this on a daily basis. What gives us the right to judge another? If they are not hurting you directly then it’s non of our business. But with the society we live in, the values and beliefs we are taught growing up, your surroundings and environment you grew up in, all come in to play, when deciphering our thoughts and emotions.

It’s a natural reaction to go to the… Hmmm, what’s going on with him/her? To then start piecing things together in our own minds. When bottom line, it’s all craziness if you ask me. It’s too much work focusing on others.

WORRY ABOUT YOURSELF! Don’t worry about what him/her are doing or how they got there and or why?

Stories are told so people can listen. As we all know, stories are embellished, twisted and turned. By the end the story is no longer true or relevant. If you don’t hear it directly from the horse’s mouth. Do not believe or judge. It’s that simple!. Doesn’t that make sense to you? It sure does to me. What will you get out of the so-called stories and how will it benefit your friendships? I’ll tell you what it causes you, nothing but unwanted stress, resentment, sadness, anger etc… Now go back and read that last sentence again… ALL NEGATIVE WORDS!

This brings negative feelings, negative vibes, negative emotions, a NEGATIVE WORLD! Again I’ve learned this very late in life but it’s a LESSON WELL LEARNED! You only end up hurting yourself, in the long run. Let it Go!

Once you have Acceptance and No Judgement the rest will follow suit. The Love, Respect, Loyalty, Honesty and Kindness. If you have these beautiful positive things in your life, you will live a much Happier, Positive Life and be surrounded by happy, positive and loving friends.

I’m not one to ever forget. Those who know me well, know this is true about me. But I have learned to Forgive myself for my short comings as a friend, sister, daughter, mother and lover. They are now a part of my past. By forgiving myself, I could easily forgive those who I felt hurt me and treated me unfairly throughout my life. This has allowed me to be a better friend, mother, daughter, sister and lover. You need to breakdown the walls and let go of your insecurities. Your amongst friends, remember?


This is a wonderful thing for me. I come with baggage. A lot of baggage. My family has strong ties and history to my community and the people living in it. Some good and some bad but when it comes down to it, it’s what makes me who I Am today.

I embrace my friends like family. You have to fit into my world, if not, then that’s okay too! Not everyone is meant to get  a long but you can still live in peace and harmony and definitely live without the so-called stories. Stories which bring DRAMA. Instead, live in-Spirit my friends. Let go of your Ego’s. Live YOUR Truth and love and accept YOU for YOU! You’ll be surprised on how freeing it can feel and how much happier your life will be.

Inspirational video ~  “Brighter Than The Sun”  sung by Colbie Calliat


It can be very easy to have great friendships, once you learn how to love, respect and forgive yourself. The rest is a piece of cake.




  1. tlohuis · July 8, 2014

    Great post, I couldn’t have said it better. We all come with baggage, some more than others, but bottom line is no one is perfect and we all have baggage. I try to live my life exactly how you wrote it. I’m not in junior high anymore and I don’t enjoy all the drama that some people create on a regular basis. I’ve never been one to judge anyone, except myself and that is something I am really working on. I need to treat myself better. I tend to treat everyone else better than I do myself, that is ass backwards. Gotta love and respect myself, as well. I’m a people pleaser and I hate conflict and will avoid it at all cost. I NEVER judge anyone because we have no idea what that other person is going through. Like with myself, I have SEVERAL and I mean SEVERAL invisible chronic illnesses and pain. That’s why I always say, never judge others because you have no idea what others are going through. So, on that note, remember I’m always here if you ever want or need to talk to someone that understands and never judges. There’s nothing you could do that I would judge, simply because I don’t judge others and my mission is to help and educate others as to what it’s like to live life this way. I’m brutally honest on my blog. I’m not ashamed of any of it. I write it as I feel it. I hope that one day soon, I’ll be able to write more positive posts, but until then I write it as I feel it because others need to understand what I go through. I’m not just someone craving sympathy. That is the last thing I want. I’ve met so many great friends right here at WP and it’s been very, very therapeutic for me. It’s always nice to know I’m not alone on this difficult journey and that I’m not the only one that has been “blessed” with several invisible chronic illnesses and pain. It is bittersweet because I hate for others to suffer, as I do.
    I really look forward to following your blog. You are very inspirational to me and many others, I’m sure. Keep up the great posts. Hope your day was a “good” one. Take care.
    Peace out,

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  2. Dish with Mish · July 16, 2014

    Thank you for your kind words Tammy. You are absolutely right when it comes to suffering from chronic illnesses. Especially the invisible ones. We look fine on the outside but inside we are hurting! I’m glad that my posts are inspiring you. Gentle hugs to you my dear! Peace


  3. tlohuis · July 18, 2014

    Gentle hugs right back attcha! It’s sure nice to have others that truly understand. keep on keepin’ on, my friend. Hope you had another great day. 🙂
    Peace and hugs,

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