Just Dance


Doesn’t dancing make you feel good? It does me! First of all, you have the music. No matter what your preference is you can always move your body and get your groove on. Not only is it great exercise but it’s good for the soul. I find myself listening, then singing and before you know it, I’m up on my feet, DANCING!

When I’m in the kitchen cooking, I love to crank the tunes. I listen to every thing. From Rock n Roll to Hip Hop to Rap to Spiritual Music to Country to Gospel… You name it and I listen to it. The only music I do not is HEAD BANGING MUSIC. If it’s all screaming and I can’t understand a word of what is being sung, then it’s not for me. Other than that, I embrace it all.

When I’m cleaning my house, I love to listen to music and I always find myself dancing around. Whether I’m vacuuming or scrubbing the tub. Singing and dancing is all part of my routine. It makes cleaning FUN!


I love to go outside, put music on and dance around my backyard. I feel like a free spirit! My arms waving in the air, my hips swaying side to side and my feet absorbing the energy from the ground. Some times when it’s raining, I’ll go out and do the same thing. Usually, because I’m in pain and I’m looking for anything to take my mind off of how shitty I’m feeling. Rainy days really suck for me. The past couple of days have been humid and rainy. I’ve kept to myself. No social media or blogging. When I feel shitty like that, I’m usually down and my mind gets negative. In these times I write in my journal, to get my feelings out but try to stay away from talking with others. It’s hard to hide the pain and I do not want any pity from anyone. Some times I suck it up, put my radio in the window and go outside and dance in the rain. Letting my feet feel the energy in the earth, as I sing mantras and transcend my emotions in to a positive, happy place. This is another form of meditation for me. It brings me great comfort.


I try to focus on the positive. Take yesterday for instance. My sister went into Boston for major surgery, which was weighing on me. My sister and I are estranged, so there’s definitely feelings of guilt. I did not sleep well the night before and when I woke, I was moaning in pain. My love got me some Ibuprofen, to help ease with the tightness and sharp zaps I was feeling. First thing in the morning can be such a drag. I wont lie, I don’t wake up feeling positive, hardly ever! It’s a mind-set that I go through. I have to talk my body into doing what I need it to do and battle on through. Once I was up and about, I immediately put one of  Snatam Kaur’s  CD’s on. Within minutes I was stretching and doing yoga poses. By the end, I was dancing around my living room like a flower child from the 60’s. My body was releasing and my mind was focusing on the good and not the pain. Not thinking about my sister and her battle with cancer.


This morning I was up at 4a.m. I was hurting (still raining & humid). I immediately grabbed my phone to check out the weather forecast for the next week. See I leave tomorrow morning, for my long weekend get away with the girls, and I wanted to see what the weather was going to be like. It will make a huge difference on how I’m going to feel. You wont be able to see the pain I’m in, but trust me, it’s there.  “HIP HIP HOORAY!!” Is what I said, (out loud) when I read low humidity and nothing but sunshine. Nice DRY air! What do I do? Put on some music and started my household chores. My hips were killing me but I tried not to think about them. I started cleaning and before long I was singing and dancing! I read my Mum’s post regarding my sister and the news was great! Positive news! By 5:30a.m. my spirits were lifted, my pain started to ease up and I felt it was time to read all 462 e-mails, respond to comments and write some blogs. I still have 223 to read but rest assured my friends, I will get to them ALL.


So remember this my dear friends, regardless of what you may be going through or how bad you may be feeling, put on some music, SMILE and JUST DANCE!  Try it… You wont regret it!

Peace out, Michelle




  1. hitandrun1964 · August 27, 2014

    Video is blocked:( I was ready to frolic:) LOL I’ll just have to put on some music and dance:) Yay!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Dish with Mish · August 28, 2014

      I’ll be sure to ck that video issue out later today. Thanks for letting me know and JUST DANCE!


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