My Path

I wrote this poem back in 2011 and revised it in April of 2014. Received a lot of feedback on FB but nothing on here so I’ve decided to share again. Have a Groovy weekend my friends and remember to be kind to one another… Peace out

Dish with Mish


Not seeing things clearly,

can’t seem to focus.

When did this happen?

It all appears blurry.

It’s not out of reach,

my path is foggy.

My arms extended,

not yet out of my grasp.

Obstacles are everywhere.

Miss my place of serenity,

my body of strength.

This illness has taken so much,

Of who I AM,

who I want to be,

who I can become.

Not to worry about the little things.

To take the higher road,

feel compassion for all.

To love myself completely.

Love all of Gods creatures

big and small.

Look for the good in everything

and everyone.

The skies the limit,

anything is possible.

To be free of worries,

clear headed and inspired.

No anger, no ego, no hate.

In a world filled with love,

peace and compassion.

Enjoy life as I know it,

all that it has to offer.

To stay positive.

To receive and…

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