1. yeseventhistoowillpass · September 1, 2014

    Whoever is that lucky person next to you better know they are lucky:)

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    • Dish with Mish · September 1, 2014

      My wonderful sidekick is AJ, my best friend. We went to high school together. Both of us were married, at a young age and started families with someone else. After remaining friends all these years, (Both of us divorced now) we hooked up close to five years ago and have been together since our first date!! He is my King and I his Queen… ❤

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      • yeseventhistoowillpass · September 1, 2014

        Lucky both of you:)

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  2. amoafowaa · September 1, 2014

    Wow Dish, what won’t I give to get me a one like that. You’re blessed.

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  3. aedmonds315 · September 1, 2014

    Reblogged this on Annie's Blog and commented:
    Walk with me, Stand alongside me.


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