Going to Bed Bumbed Out

Dear Fellow Bloggers,

I'm not sure what I did but I was messing around with my themes settings.  I wanted to see what the background color would like in a different shade.  I did not like any of them and after spending an hour and a half trying out all different things, I've decided to stick with my original Matala Theme.  At least for now.  I plan to upgrade and customize after the holidays...  BUT NOW I CAN'T RESET IT BACK TO THE ORIGINAL DESIGN!!  I've tried every which way and now I'm completely aggravated and need to take a break, before I throw my computer.  LOL (Not really funny though)

Is there some special thing that I don't know about to reset it back to the original design?  If anyone has any ideas on how to do this, please let me know!  I hate the way my page looks right now and every time I start over and reset it to my original theme, the ORIGINAL DESIGN, does not appear!!

I would appreciate any help or ideas, from my fellow bloggers!





  1. Timothy Price · October 28, 2014

    The current style isn’t bad. It as a nice pumpkinish color for Halloween. You need to find the template you were using a re-apply that template to set it back to the original.

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    • Dish with Mish · October 28, 2014

      I’m pretty sure that’s what I kept doing last night. I found it, reactivated it but when it shows up the new background that I picked is what keeps happening. I’m going to try a few more times today. If I can’t get it to go back I may just upgrade now instead of after the holidays.
      Thanks Timothy! I hope it works!


      • Timothy Price · October 28, 2014

        WP has been making a lot of changes, most of them I don’t like. So who knows what they’ve done that’s causing you grief.

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      • Dish with Mish · October 29, 2014

        I hear ya Tim!!


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