This Homeless Man Lived In Squalor, Then The Community Came Together To Help Him

This is the true meaning of showing love, compassion and kindness. Such a beautiful story and I had to share it with all of you. ✌❤😃

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For years, 83-year-old Don Luciano Chuman wandered the streets of Ferrenafe, Peru, looking for safe places to sleep.

Like many homeless people, he was rarely able to change his clothes or take a shower, so he was covered in filth for most of his life.

Many people avoided him, but the people at the Peregrin Evangelical Church decided that they couldn’t stand by and let him suffer.

Chuman wandered through the town for Many years with Little bathing or changing of his clothes.

This Homeless Man Lived In Squalor, Then The Community Came Together To Help Him

His main concern was finding a safe place to sleep.

So…the church community banded together and provided Chuman with a shower, haircut, and change of clothes. But in the end, they gave him so much more than that.

They also gave him some money to get him back on his feet, and arranged for social services to help him. He was also examined at a local hospital.

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  1. chris jensen · November 4, 2015

    i would only be guessing, in another year down the road he will be right back, some of us find this way of life…

    To be our own, only putting up with society when we have too!

    Homeless chris jensen

    but own a home!

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