When I gander into her eyes

I see

I see a colorful life

I see a colorful eye

Sunny, cheery,

Full of delight

Her vessel

Swims in pastels

She’s a delicate

A delicate sight

Copyright 2015 – Michelle Molloy

Wall photo by:

Wall photo edited by:  Michelle Molloy



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  2. chris jensen · November 5, 2015

    Wonderful piece of written work,

    i hope you don’t mind that i played with your work?

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  3. Planet Dream Diaries · November 6, 2015

    If only you knew, which you don’t, and I’m not sharing *insert insistent face here* – how very much I relate to your real life struggles, and then some. That being said, You are always such a bright shining star of white energy and uplifting expression – a talent indeed! I know I’ve been gone a near year now, so much, too much has changed and taken place, in all honesty none of it great or I wouldn’t have left WP … as I drew my creativity from pure and raw emotion – and then went emotionally numb, thus complete writers block. However, I’ve just found a different way way of sharing and expressing that requires less emotion and more thought (thrilled – the lack of creative outlet was killing me lol) … So I am officially back, maybe not daily, but for sure, at least weekly. I hope you’re still following me Mishy, you’re also a connection I would hate to have lost. Please give a check to see if you are, and if not, I would so very much welcome you coming on back. Much love to you Mishy xoxoxox 🙂 Kimberly

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    • Dish with Mish · November 7, 2015

      Welcome back Kimba!! I look forward to catching up with you. Yes, I’m still following you. How is your doggie doing?

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      • Planet Dream Diaries · November 7, 2015

        YAY and good morning. Um, difficult to answer, more for concerned for your reception of it than on my end, as I’ve had time. GeorgieGirl passed in March, March 2nd. She made it through her surgeries GREAT … by February near fully recovered, and on the morning of March 2nd had a spontaneous deadly reaction to one of her medications. I was drooling and in shock for weeks, very angry, very sad, very much shocked — did I mention angry? LOL It was very difficult, will always be due to how hard we fought to get her on her feet again, but time does heal, and has. I now have Jozie Lee (I call her Nozie Jozie). She’s about a year old, insanely energetic and social, 45-50 lb at best full grown (medium – a drop smaller than GG), same coloring as GG, but more like 3 mixes of dogs in one. Another rescue (of course). So much has changed Mishy, so much has then happened, some of which I’m still in the midst of. It’s why I stopped writing. Okay, well this is certainly NOT the place to be sharing this all with you haha. I’ve been gone so long, tell me, do they have a private one on one chat feature yet? That would be quite helpful lol.

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      • Dish with Mish · November 8, 2015

        So sorry to hear about GG Kimba!! So sorry for your loss! I’m not sure if they have a private message on here yet. I was off for a while too. I had a lot of loss myself. Funeral, after funeral, after funeral. The heroin epidemic is crazy around here and we’ve been losing young lives left and right. I finally started back on my blog a couple of weeks ago. I had nothing left in me to share because I was so down. We had to put our beloved Chelsea belle (cat) down on Christmas Eve. She was 20yrs old. It was devastating but like you said time does heal old wounds. I’m happy you have Nozie Jozie to comfort you!! Great name btw!! Many blessings to you my friend!


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