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Photo taken in Blackstone, Massachusetts 6/28/14

I was at a friend’s house over the weekend and this is the view from his backyard.

I loved the colors in the sky and had to take a picture.


Daily Prompt – Longing for Gravity

The Daily Post asks:   You are on a mission to Mars. Because of the length of the journey, you will never be able to return to Earth. What about our blue planet will you miss the most?


My family and friends of course but I would miss our beautiful oceans, beaches and all the fun that goes along with them.  I enjoy sitting on a beach, taking in the smells of the salty ocean, tanning oils, listening to music or reading a great book.  Watching the kids build sand castles or the adults playing volleyball and frisbee. All while in the company of great friends and family. It’s beautiful to sit on the beach, after a long day of fun in the sun and watch the sun set. Complete bliss!

Hackers Suck


Oh NO!! I’ve been Hacked AGAIN!!

Good morning my friends. I have not made a post in a while because my computer has been infected, once again!  After working on it for two days, I finally gave up and called our internet carrier.  They were no help whatsoever!  Why I pay them $59 a month is beyond me.

My next step was to call Dell. Unfortunately,  After being on hold for the longest time,  I reach a woman who I could barely understand. I kept asking, “Could you repeat that?” Or “I’m sorry but I don’t understand what you are trying to say.” After twenty minutes of this, I hung up. I literally wanted to throw my computer out the friggen window!  I am not the best with computers and all I wanted was someone to come out and fix the darn thing!

I decided to hit my friends up on FB for advice. Which I got plenty! I’m having a computer tech guy come out to my home. My friend has used him many times and says he’s reliable and reasonably priced.

I find myself so aggravated by this. I pay for anti-virus spyware yet the hackers always seem to find a way in. Hackers have made my life miserable this week. If one is trying to work from home and is constantly hacked, it makes things very difficult.  (I’ve been hacked twice already this year) Do hackers realize the problems and complications they cause us all?

Our government needs to find a way to crack down on these hackers and put their butts in jail. Make stiffer punishments so they will think twice BEFORE hacking another person, company or institution, ever again!

Thanks for letting me rant… I feel better now! Have a Groovy weekend my friends and remember to be kind to one another… Peace out

PET PEEVE- Cereal Boxes



Why is it so difficult to open up a cereal box the proper way? Do you have to rip open the box like a savage? Not to mention, tearing the inner bag open, so it slits down the bag! All this does is let air into the box and spoil your cereal.  Yes, I know they have the resealable bags but not for the kind of cereal I buy and prefer to eat. Cereal is NOT cheap either. It’s basically $4.00 – $5.00 a box. Why not take the time to open the box the right way? There’s a reason the tops of the cereal boxes have a slot to open and close the box properly.

With my hands, do to my arthritis, I can never open the inner bag without ripping it. That is why I get a pair of scissors and cut a straight line across the top of the bag. After I’m done pouring a bowl, I roll the plastic bag down to the cereal level, to take all the air out, then clip it with a clothes pin. This will help keep the cereal fresh, especially if the outer box has been torn open. However, on the other hand, I cannot handle the box NOT closing properly. I get out the scotch tape and repair the cereal box. Crazy, I know! That’s why they call it, OCD – Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.

Your probably thinking to yourself, is this girl for real? Yes, I AM. I eat cereal every day. In our household, we have a couple of boxes of cereal that we share and that’s where the problem lies. I mean, do I have to go ahead and open all the boxes myself, beforehand? This would ensure me that the boxes and bags would be opened properly. The cereal that I don’t eat, I really don’t care about. The cereal I do eat, especially organic, is pricey, so if you don’t want me on your ASS, open the box like an adult NOT a four-year old!

~Michelle Molloy~

I’m French & I’m Hairy



I usually use Sally Hansen’s facial hair removal, to take care of my upper lip.  That’s right, I’m French and I’m hairy! Yesterday, I go to take care of my mustache and realize I’m out of cream. Lord knows I am not a very patient person. Every time I went in to the bathroom, which is quite often, do to my Fibro, I could see the shadow above my lip. What do I do? Take out my mans electric razor and buzz it! I KNOW THIS IS WRONG! I used to be a cosmetologist and know this is a HUGE NO, NO! As I’m doing it, I feel a burn, then a pinch. Sure enough it took a piece of my skin off!! ONLY ME!! Now I look like I have a blister on my upper lip! The things we women do, to look and feel good about ourselves. When does it ever end?













The Masturbation Conversation

I found this hilarious! What would you do, if you were in Michelle’s position? How would you deal with the conversation, of masturbation, with your little one? When my son was younger, I did the same as Michelle. I would say, “You need to do that in private and in your bedroom.”
Brings back memories!

They call me Mummy


Masturbation conversation


This word strikes fear in the heart of most parents. It’s the kryptonite of the parenting fraternity. When most parents look at their children, the last thing they want to think about is that they – gulp – masturbate. Because there seem to be such taboos connected with this topic, many parents are unaware that it is , in fact, totally normal for children to be touching themselves regularly at the age of three and then again, from twelve well into adulthood.

It’s bizarre, really, this fear of the masturbation conversation. I’ve seen friends freely post on Facebook about how little Sammy ate a cockroach today! Marcus fingerprinted with his own poo! Jenny had an epic diaper explosion (with attached photographs for evidence)! But when they discovered little Toby masturbating: silence. This little milestone is shoved under the rug faster than the most…

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