I don’t know about you but I look forward to the Oscars every year.  I’m a huge fan of the movies. Whether it be a comedy; to make me laugh,  an action movie; to keep me on my toes,  something scary; so I can hide under my covers or a romance; to snuggle with my loved one. No matter what the choice is, entertainment is what I’m looking for.

Ellen Degeneres, is hosting for the second time. LOVE her to pieces! Not only is she funny but she does a lot of wonderful, kind, inspiring things, for many people, all across the country…  She spreads SUNSHINE, wherever she goes!

Let’s NOT forget the clothes and the jewels! Watching the men & women walk the Red Carpet, has always been a highlight of mine. I can remember being a young girl, watching them with my mom and sister.  I would dream about wearing those beautiful gowns and have diamonds draping from my neckline. Even bigger baubles on my fingers! Watching the handsome leading men, in their fancy tuxes, made by Armani and Gucci, strutting their stuff, down the carpet.

Whenever, one of my nominees would win, I would stand up, clap and cheer.  I still do this, to this very day. No matter what awards show I’m watching. I love them all! My man thinks I’m crazy! I get teary eyed over heart felt speeches and pissed off when my actor/actress, does NOT win! There’s a lot of you out there, who do the same thing. Come on now, you know you do.

There’s nothing like a good movie to bring you and your family together. You may have little ones at home, who like the Disney movies. Nothing better than some sleeping bags on the floor, with some popcorn, hot chocolate and your loved ones. Heck, even us grown ups enjoy a sleepover, every now and then, with good friends, great food, a delicious wine and an awesome movie. That’s what I call FUN!

I didn’t get a chance to see all the nominated movies this year but I have my favorites and look forward to seeing who takes home the Gold.  ~Michelle Molloy~