This Homeless Man Lived In Squalor, Then The Community Came Together To Help Him

This is the true meaning of showing love, compassion and kindness. Such a beautiful story and I had to share it with all of you. ✌❤😃

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For years, 83-year-old Don Luciano Chuman wandered the streets of Ferrenafe, Peru, looking for safe places to sleep.

Like many homeless people, he was rarely able to change his clothes or take a shower, so he was covered in filth for most of his life.

Many people avoided him, but the people at the Peregrin Evangelical Church decided that they couldn’t stand by and let him suffer.

Chuman wandered through the town for Many years with Little bathing or changing of his clothes.

This Homeless Man Lived In Squalor, Then The Community Came Together To Help Him

His main concern was finding a safe place to sleep.

So…the church community banded together and provided Chuman with a shower, haircut, and change of clothes. But in the end, they gave him so much more than that.

They also gave him some money to get him back on his feet, and arranged for social services to help him. He was also examined at a local hospital.

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The Skeleton Man

This is another Halloween post from last year…
Enjoy my friends! 💀🎃🍁☀

Dish with Mish


(Try reading this in your exaggerated, creepy voice…  Use your imagination!)

2014-10-02 18.19.18


His eyes black as coal

Don’t let him take hold

His wicked stitched grin

Tries to sip you in

 The Skeleton Man

He’ll latch you in his web

Playtime instead

Cutlass for fingers

Slice off your head

The Skeleton Man

No time to waste

Keep up the pace

He fancies the race

No one ever escapes

 The Skeleton Man

Copyright 2014 – Michelle Molloy

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Wall photo edited by:  Michelle Molloy

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Fools Night


This Halloween poem is from last year… I hope you enjoy it!

Dish with Mish


They travel door to door

In search of something sweet

All the kiddies


From their heads to their feet

In their SCARY best

Trick or Treat

Give me something good to eat


Ghosts, Goblins & Ghouls

Are out to Fright


Is Fools Night

Copyright 2014 – Michelle Molloy

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Ice Cream Cone


Vanilla Bean

Nothing more refreshing than an ice cream cone, on a hot Summer day.

What’s your favorite flavor? I like Vanilla Bean or Black Raspberry.

Do you prefer soft serve or hard? In a cup or a cone? Sugar or waffle? I like it any way!

Stay cool my friends!

Owen and Haatchi

A Beautiful story, about an 8 yr old boy, named Own Hawkins and his adopted dog, Haatchi. This brought tears to my eyes. Simply AWESOME!

Be sure to click on the original story, on the bottom, to watch the video.

The Dad Letters

Dear Malin Reese,

On Monday of this week, I read a story and watched an accompanying short documentary about an 8-year-old boy living in London named Owen Hawkins. I haven’t stopped thinking about Owen since and I want you to know his story. He’s a smart, thoughtful and funny kid with two loving parents and a dog named Haatchi that’s his best friend. Beyond that glazed description, Owen does not live a normal life. He’s one of thirty people in the world that lives with a condition called Schwartz-Jampel Syndrome. This means that his muscles never relax. His body is in a constant state of tension. He has little to no balance and he has to get around with a walker or an electric wheelchair. As I mentioned before, his best friend is a dog named Haatchi. Haatchi came into Owen’s life after surviving vicious cruelty at the hands of…

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This is a great story. Enjoy my friends!

The Dad Letters


I don’t know if you’ll have Twitter when you’re older, so I wanted to make sure I captured this story that I therapeutically put out into Internetland earlier this evening.

Living with people is weird. I love your mother, and I love all of you, and I know this will be funny when I wake up in the morning, but right now I still have a bit of steam coming from the ears.


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